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Modernizing Brown Cabinets

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Beautiful brown cabinets and shelves in a living room

Brown cabinets are not typically associated with modern design. Most people picture white or grey cabinets. While those are good options, there is something unique about dark wood or painted cabinets. Stand out from the crowd, and let a custom design with brown cabinets accentuate your space.


Modern designs are associated with bright white spaces. Use lighting to your advantage to brighten up your space. Light fixtures with exposed Edison bulbs similar to ones in modern-industrial coffee shops are great at creating warmth. However, it is best to complement them by adding track lighting under your top cabinets to accentuate the deepest areas of the room.

Color Accents

Sometimes adding brass tones to brown surfaces give more of an antique look, but pairing brass hardware with cool-toned dark brown cabinetry adds an electric accent. For walk-in closets with an island, light-colored island tops make modern, crisp lines. Monochrome is another sleek option. You can even go for a dark island top for an intense, cohesive look –we like this, especially if you have a lot of light-colored clothes.

Dual Color

People say that good designs resemble nature, meaning that colors are darker closer to the ground and lighter towards the sky. You can follow that principle with darker lower cabinets, a neutral wall color, and bright top cabinets. This way, you extend your ceiling’s visual space by matching it with cabinet color and vice versa. You can also use your brown cabinets to accentuate a feature in a room like an island in a closet.

Custom Features

Customized features are visually appealing and serve as modernizing accents. Open shelves, for example, are staples of contemporary design. As the name suggests, they open your space and allow your decor to stand out. There is more to custom furniture than shelves. Visit our Closet & Storage Concepts Northern New Jersey showroom or book a free consultation online to refresh a lackluster space. With years of experience under our belt, we are confident we can find the best solutions for you.