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Pantry Ideas For Foodies

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Any food lovers out there overwhelmed with a cluttered pantry? Don’t let outdated storage hinder your passion! Let’s talk about pantry storage ideas that will re-ignite your excitement for food.

Choose Closed Cabinets

If the sight of your pantry is overwhelming because of its clutter, it’s a fantastic idea to get custom storage. We know that getting organized is a journey, so to make things easy, consider getting closed cabinets. They will help you conceal any little messes that can develop for a crisp exterior appearance. Closed cabinets are stylish options all around that enhance color continuity in your space.

Make Use Of Baskets

Free up space in your kitchen with baskets to store non-refrigerated veggies like onions, potatoes, and tomatoes. The increased visibility will remind you to use your ingredients before they go bad. They also provide sufficient ventilation for freshness.

Add a Wine Rack

If you’re a wine lover, you know how hard it is to keep just one or two bottles in your pantry at a time. Your stunning collection can take up a lot of space, so consider getting a wine rack to organize your wine beautifully. We love a classic cross-hatched storage station, but we also like slanted pull-out racks that put the label on display.

Get Counter Space

Once you add a counter to your pantry, you’ll wonder how you’ve been able to live without one. A little is an ideal spot for a coffee or liquor bar. If you’re a fan of dinner parties, use your countertop to keep your platters to save kitchen space for more cooking!

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