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Pet-Centered Custom Storage

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Pets are man’s best friend, so create a space that can cater to all of their needs. Custom pet storage solutions are the key to finding the best fit for playful and lazy pets alike.

Pull-Out Food Bins

Puppies are the most likely culprits for breaking through their food bags. Their never-ending hunger, combined with the joy of chewing, means that you have to be extra careful with food storage. Pull-out food drawers with removable bins remove temptation from your pup. 


Shelves are great for storing jars of treats and grooming supplies. You can quickly inventory your items to avoid running out unexpectedly. The height difference will also prevent your pet from ingesting potentially harmful substances.


Hooks on cabinet interiors and exteriors are ideal for hanging leashes and harnesses. Don’t skip out on the perfect tangle-free, grab-and-go solution for quick walks outside. Energetic pups require a lot of attention, so spend less time detangling and organizing and more time playing!

Pet Crate Space

Crate space is often overlooked since most pets spend their day lounging on the floors and the sofa. Built-in crates take no extra space and can even be used as storage if not used often. Integrated kennels provide additional counter space for things you need to grab and go. Keep your guests and pet safe if you’re renovating or hosting parties.

Concealed Feeding Bowls

Is tripping over empty food bowls getting annoying? Food drawers with built-in bowl slots are the best solution. The drawers hold the bowls in place securely and protect your floor from water spills. You can easily remove the bowls for occasional cleaning or if you need to prepare your pet’s food before feeding.

Baskets For Toys

If you have a playful pet, it is inevitable that you’ll find one or two toys around the house. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a home. Another use for baskets is to have one stocked for days in the park. Pack a collapsable bowl, doggie bags, treats, and a couple of toys in the bin to be ready for a fun day out.

Make life easier for you and your pets. Custom pet storage and organization solutions from Closet & Storage Concepts New Jersey will let you spend more quality time together for lasting memories. We know how important pets can be, so give them a space where they can feel at home and where their needs are met. Book a free consultation with one of our specialists to explore your options!