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Rethinking Garage Storage

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Garage storage

When people think of garage storage, they usually picture tools and sports equipment. Those items are certainly the most common, but there is so much more to garage storage. Read about how to make the most of your garage space for out-of-the-norm items.

Custom Mudroom

If you immediately walk into a small laundry room from your garage, you should consider integrating a mudroom right in the garage! This option is optimal for families on the go. It makes it easy to maintain cleanliness in general. Avoid tracking in the mud with custom cubbies or shoe racks for any shoe style. If your kids are a fan of removing their outerwear as soon as they step in the door, hooks can come in handy in your garage mudroom design.

Chalk Back Wall

A chalk wall doesn’t have to take up a whole wall. Imagine having one over your workbench where you can quickly sketch a design for your next garden project or write down little reminders.

Supply Overstock

This one might sound like a no-brainer, but there are some items that you might not have considered keeping in the garage. Soap bars, extra hand soaps, and other extra toiletries can find their home in a garage cabinet. This practice applies to almost all overstock around your home. Have space for the things that are getting used. Keeping everything in one place can seriously reduce clutter everywhere else.

Suitcases & Seasonal Clothes

Instead of consuming space in your closet for months on end, neatly pack clothes in boxes to store in the garage. Don’t just stack boxes at random. You’ll be surprised how heavy clothes can be, so if you stack your boxes too high, they can topple over. You don’t want that happening, especially if you have little ones running around. Get garage shelving made to withstand more weight for safety and accessibility.

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