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Shoe Storage Ideas And Tips

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Are you looking at your closet wondering what you can do to improve your storage situation? If so, you should take a look at your shoes. Unfortunately, a lot of people have a difficult time storing their shoes properly. If you do not think carefully about how you store your shoes, you could damage your shoes or end up with a cluttered area. If you are looking for a way to improve your shoe storage solution, take a look at a few tips below. 

Do Not Put Your Shoes on the Floor

No matter what you do with your shoes in your closet, do not put them on the floor. Even though you may think this is the most convenient location for them, you may end up damaging your shoes. First, it is easy for you to overlook your shoes. You may accidentally put something on top of them, crushing them in the process. Of course, if you are overlooking your shoes, you are also going to trip on them. This is another serious problem, but can be easily avoided if you keep your shoes off the floor. 

Sort Your Shoes Into Different Categories

Next, you need to sort your shoes into different categories. For example, you may have dress shoes that you reserve for specific occasions. Keep these in a special place or towards the top shelf where you don’t need to reach very often. If you have sandals and flip-flops that you only use when the weather is warm outside, store them away during fall and winter. Furthermore, you may have some athletic shoes that you wear to the gym or or basic shoes you wear for everyday activities. Keep your most-used shoes front and center for easy access. Another reason to sort your shoes into different categories is because you may be able to remove some of them from the closet for an extended amount of time. This is one of the best ways you can create more space in your closet.

Consider a Built-In Solution for Your Shoes

If you have more than a few pairs of shoes in your closet, you should consider a built-in storage solution. For example, you may want to add a few shelves or cubby holes in your closet that can help you store your shoes easily. There are even special hardware accessories such as metal shoe holders, racks, or slide-out shelves. That way, you can keep your shoes off the floor without having them take up a lot of space. Another popular option is a custom shoe cabinet in your entryway or mudroom where you can slip shoes on or off as you leave or enter the house.

Work With Closet & Storage Concepts

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