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Sports Equipment Storage Ideas

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Sports gear slatwall storage in the garage

How well is your sports and recreation gear organized? If your family plays lots of sports or leads active lifestyles, it’s important that all your equipment is stored properly and easy to find. You shouldn’t have to waste time and energy digging through the garage and multiple closets before practices, tournaments, and summer outings! Check out our ideas for sports equipment storage below.

Custom Shelves & Cabinets

Whether it’s for the garage, the mudroom, or a closet, a custom cabinet or case of shelves is a great way to store sports gear. By deciding what you want to store and where in advance, you can have your shelves and cabinets designed to be the perfect sizes for your equipment. It usually works well to divide the shelf by family member and activity, so everyone knows where to go when they’re preparing for swim practice, baseball, or golf.

Bedroom Closets

If anyone in your home wants to store their sports gear in their bedroom closet, find ways to keep their sports items divided from the rest of their clothes and belongings, so everything is easy to find. Based on their needs, add hooks for hanging sports bags and bins and baskets for storing special shoes, protective gear, and smaller items that could easily get lost. Again, custom shelves are also a great option. 

If storing both sports gear and day-to-day items in the bedroom closet creates a space issue, there are lots of small tweaks you can make to the closet to create more room. Try creating a double hang area with a second rod, adding adjustable shelving, or adding a shoe rack.

Slatwall & Pegboard Storage

Using slat wall or pegboard storage in the garage makes it hard to lose items because everything is kept visible. Pegboards and slat wall panels also help you maximize storage space because they take advantage of unused wall space. By adding hooks, racks, and custom holders, you can store everything from fishing rods to bicycles to kayaks. Note that slat walls and pegboards are also excellent for storing tools.

If you’re interested in upgrading your sports gear storage, Closet & Storage Concepts of Northern New Jersey is here to help! Whether you want to redesign a closet or create a better system in your garage, our experts will work with you to find the perfect storage solutions for your sports equipment. Reach out to us today for a free consultation!