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Tips For Closet Storage Throughout Your Home

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closet storage North JerseyClosets are often areas of the home that get neglected. If you don’t look at them regularly, you may forget what’s in there. The fact that they’re usually out of view also makes their organization seem less important. However, just because they don’t take away from a clean aesthetic of your home on the surface, cluttered closets can contribute to an unorganized feeling overall. That’s why your local experts at Closet & Storage Concepts of North Jersey have put together some tips on how to maintain good closet storage throughout your home.

Entryway Closets

Whether you’re limited to a small reach-in closet in your entryway or have spacious mudroom storage to utilize upon entering your home, these closet areas are important. Customizing the layout can go a long way in the efficiency of your entryway closet. A bench with a coat rack and built-in shoe rack combo is a compact and productive setup for entryway use. The bench can supply comfortable seating while you put on your shoes, as well as a flat surface for holding miscellaneous items (i.e. the plate of holiday cookies or vase of flowers you’re bringing to the dinner party) while putting on your jacket. Having the built-in storage compartments for various uses can increase the utility of even the smallest entryway closets.

Bedroom Closets

One of the best ways to start organizing your bedroom closet is to purge it of things you don’t need. Go through your clothes and donate the items you don’t wear anymore. Doing so will instantly make the area feel bigger while also freeing up space for things you do use. Once you’ve freed up some space in your closet, you can think about making some adjustments to make it a more productive space. If you’re looking to do a complete reconfiguration, a custom closet design is an ideal solution for maximizing efficiency of your closet storage. Adjustable shelving units, built-in drawers, and hanging rods of varying heights are just a few of the elements available when creating a custom closet.

Linen Closets

Perhaps the closet that is most often in a state of disarray in many North Jersey homes is the linen closet. Balled-up towels and bed sheets don’t take advantage of the space and make it harder to keep things organized. One solution to this problem is to install shelving units with separate compartments. These separators can help you keep track of where things are, especially if you group like items together. Try and make it a habit to neatly fold your towels and sheets when putting them back into the linen closet. These simple organizational tips will go a long way in maintaining good closet storage.

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