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Tips For Keeping An Organized Rec Room

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Rooms associated with play can get messy pretty easily. So how do you keep your rec room from getting wrecked? Here at Closet & Storage Concepts, we believe that organization is key. Here are some tips for keeping your rec room in order so you spend less time cleaning up and more time unwinding.

Decide What’s Worth The Effort

The first step should always be to make sure that what you’re trying to get organized is stuff that is worth having to organize. Are these items still serving you or your home in some way? This can be a question of functionality, cohesive design, or personal attachment.

It’s worth noting that this process looks a little different for everyone. Some items will obviously hold more significant meaning for you than they would for someone else. So, be intentional with this process. Take care in making honest decisions and choosing the items that resonate with you and your personal sense of space.

Create Sensible Categories

Once you’ve decided what deserves to have a place in your rec room, the next step is to sort things out into sensible categories. Start out by grouping like items. From there you can create smaller, distinct subcategories. This will make it easier to find things when you need them later on. Half of the battle with keeping a room organized is often simply avoiding the need to rummage through everything.

This is why it’s also a good idea to have one miscellaneous category for the things that don’t quite belong anywhere in particular. But add to this category sparingly. It’s all too easy to start a “may contain all” box and end up throwing a mountain of things in. While that is easier than figuring out where things actually belong, it will cost you in the long run. Being disciplined about the process now will mean less hassle later!

Make The Most Of Your Rec Room With Custom Storage

A quality storage system is imperative to maintaining a room often filled with clutter and movement. And nothing will suit your needs quite like something designed just for you. Our entertainment centers, DVD/CD organizers, shelving units, and more can help you keep your rec room in perfect shape for the long run.

Let us help you achieve your dream recreation room. Call Closet & Storage Concepts of Northern New Jersey today for a free in-home design consultation and estimate!