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Top 6 Benefits Of Custom Closets For Kids

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custom closets for kids North JerseyA custom closet remodel can work wonders with a master bedroom or hallway closet. However, custom closet organizing solutions aren’t just for adults. Children can benefit greatly from these services as well. As they’re learning, growing, and maturing, many children have a natural tendency to be far less inclined to stay organized. However, custom closets can help to offset this natural inclination. Closet & Storage Concepts of Northern New Jersey shares the following six benefits of custom closets for kids.

1. Minimizes Clutter

Picking up after kids can seem like an endless battle. A cluttered, disorganized room and closet only adds to the stress, making it more difficult to get organized and stay organized. A custom closet solution with defined sections, ample hanging rods, cubby compartments, and a sleek drawer system makes minimizing exposed clutter much easier.

2. Organizes Both Clothing and “Kids’ Stuff”

Parents can also custom design storage areas to accommodate specific toy collections, sporting equipment, and hobby supplies. This allows the kids to have better access to these items, as well as enables them to maintain better organization themselves.

3. Creates a Safer Environment

Less clutter and better organization ultimately results in a safer environment for children. There are fewer items to trip on, as well as fewer corners and edges to cause injury. This benefit is often a major factor for parents in North Jersey who are considering custom closets for their kids’ rooms. 

4. Less Stress

Being organized naturally results in being less stressed. This applies to both parents and children. Not being able to find that shirt, jacket, backpack, or other essential item can make kids late for school and unprepared for the day. By contrast, finding things immediately as a result of smart storage and organization instills a sense of calm and confidence about the day ahead.

5. More Productive and Successful

Maintaining an organized, balanced, and calm environment will help set your children up to be more productive and successful in their day-to-day lives. This can contribute to better performance in school, extracurricular activities, and a happy social life. Being more organized at home means fewer distractions and more time and energy for recreation.

6. Helps Create Positive Habits For a Lifetime

The motivation to be a neat, clean, and organized adult begins in childhood. Habits, both good and bad, are created one day at a time over months and years. Having an expertly designed and organized closet for your child sets an excellent example and sows the seeds for staying organized in the future. This type of positive modeling will motivate kids to strive for organization in both their work and home lives going forward.

Custom closet solutions from Closet & Storage Concepts serving North Jersey aren’t just for grown ups. As the benefits above show, there are a lot of things children can gain from having closets remodeled around their own needs. From adding hanging rods at a reachable level to custom-designed drawer and accessory storage, custom closets can create the ideal configuration for success. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation!


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