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Built-In Wine Storage in Northern New Jersey

From champagne to merlot, differing bottle shapes and sizes mean that wine storage isn’t always “one size fits all”. And when it comes to entertaining, it can be even more difficult to create a dedicated storage area for ice, glasses, and serving dishes.

Proper wine storage is essential for any budding or long-time connoisseur. Not only will this keep your bottles safe from falling off an open shelf and breaking, but it will also keep the wine in better condition. Let Closet & Storage Concepts Northern New Jersey help you make a wine cellar or bar area to fit your style and your space.

Product Features

Large Denver wine cellar with custom shelves
  • Wine racks, cubbies, and shelves provide enough storage for all types of wine bottles no matter how large your collection. Extra slots give you an opportunity to grow your collection.
  • Pullout racks make it easy to access bottles and can be utilized within a pantry storage system.
  • Shelving keeps stemware and glasses lined up and ready for entertaining.
  • Drawers keep tools like bottle openers tucked away.
  • Cabinets can be designed to fit around a refrigerator to keep bottles chilled when you need them. Additional cabinetry can also be used to store other liquor bottles and glasses.
  • Doors keep dust and dirt off glassware.
  • Built-in hutches keep a small collection streamlined, giving you additional storage for party platters and supplies.
  • A countertop gives you a place to pour drinks or a place for a cheese platter or other finger foods.

Additional Design Considerations

Consider adding design elements to elevate your storage system. We offer numerous options to meet every budget and function.

Lighting can be added to give extra flair and to make it easier to find bottles. Decorative moldings help to enhance your storage systems and give an even greater built-in feel. Glass door inserts help conceal items. Cabinet and doors can be designed to match the surrounding furniture and cabinetry.

From large and expansive wine cellars to compact bar hutches, we can help you create the perfect wine storage solution for your home. Start with a complimentary design estimate from Closet & Storage Concepts Northern New Jersey. We can’t wait to be part of your next project!