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How to Save Money in the Summer

Summer may be in the air, but if you’re not careful your bank account could be falling out of the sky before you know it. From vacations to rising gas prices, we know that saving money can sometimes feel impossible during the summer. In order to help you stay on top of your budget, we have some simple but effective cost-cutting tips that should help you throughout the summer and beyond.


Embrace The Heat (At Least A Little)

For many people, the idea of living without air conditioning sounds like it could be downright impossible. The problem with air conditioning, though, is that you might be spending a lot of money just to keep your home a little bit colder than it needs to be. If you’re trying to make it to autumn without breaking the bank, try opening those windows and running some fans. If it’s just too hot to consider that plan, try setting your air conditioner in the mid-70s instead of the high 60s. Five degrees may not seem like a big deal, but in terms of your money it can make a huge difference!


Get Outside!

The best thing about the outdoors is that it’s free to enjoy it! There are so many ways you can take advantage of the summer weather and help your budget in the process. For example, cancel your gym membership for the summer and start exercising outside by jogging or riding a bike. Additionally, you can look into canceling your Netflix, Hulu or cable accounts for the summer. Your house is going to be hot anyway if you take our first tip to heart, so you might as well get out of the house! Netflix will always be there when the temperatures start to drop again. For now, go to the park and read a book!


Embrace Your Inner Green Thumb

Starting your own garden is a great outdoor activity that can also end up saving you a fair amount of money. Your own garden is a great place to grow many of the same spices that you would typically buy from the grocery store or keep in the pantry. The best of growing these spices yourself is that you know they’re fresh!  Basil is great for spaghetti sauce but if you’re in the market for a refreshing cocktail, a mint plant may be right up your alley when you want a mojito!


Try A Staycation

The summer is usually a time when people plan their big vacations, and why not? The weather is great and the season is an adventurous one to begin with. The only problem is that if you’re trying to save money this summer, a vacation is a great way to kiss that plan goodbye. With that in mind, why not try playing “tourist” in your own city for a change? Day-to-day life often means that we overlook the incredible beauty and fun that is right under our noses in our own city. Try spending a weekend in the area doing fun things you never have time for! Or look for day trips or nearby hikes or other outdoor activities that will help you avoid paying for a hotel!


Here at Closet & Storage Concepts of Norwalk, we believe in helping our clients save money while achieving all of their organization goals. Give us a call today to see how we can help you get organized and start enjoying your summer!