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Connecticut Country: Pantry Storage Ideas that Martha Stewart would Love

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custom kitchen pantry ideas

Nigella Lawson might be the self-branded “domestic goddess” but Martha Stewart was the first diva of domesticity. The queen bee of Connecticut is as famous for her historic farmhouse as she is her multi-billion dollar cooking and lifestyle brand. The Westport farmhouse’s kitchen, famously photographed for Stewart’s 1982 book Entertaining, features sycamore wood cupboards, a hanging pot rack, and a vintage pale-green color scheme. All of which begs the question: What type of storage pantry ideas would Martha Stewart love? Here are three Martha approved, Connecticut chic tips for your kitchen pantry.

custom kitchen pantry ideas

Incorporate the Decor

Use the decor to your advantage to both maximize space and create a unique and eye-popping aesthetic. Exposed brick, vintage wallpaper, plants -it can all be used to accentuate your pantry storage. Feel like creating a summer farmers’ market vibe, consider turning the pantry doors into chalkboards where you can jot down future dinner ideas or start grocery lists. What about that former microwave oven space you’ve been unsure what to do with? Consider turning it into a custom mini pantry with sliding drawers. Details such as hardwood pulls and upcycled materials will help complete the look.

Use Durable Materials

An appreciation for craftsmanship should fill the kitchen and pantry like the warm smell of apple pie at Thanksgiving. For example, a pantry’s floating shelves, cottage cabinets, and hanging pendants should complement the kitchen’s Skaker-inspired colors and butcher island. Whether you have a large walk-in pantry or a makeshift and improvised pantry -say, like open shelving along the basement stairs -make sure the materials are good quality and durable. The National Association of Homebuilders says that 85 percent of homebuyers consider a kitchen pantry essential or desirable, but what isn’t desirable is the shattered spice jars that resulted from a broken shelf because you used cheap wood.

Storage for Small Space

Disguise is the key to making a small pantry appear larger. Whether you’re using drawers as racks or disguising a pullout spice rack behind a decorative pillar, a little creative, out-of-the-box thinking goes a long way. When it comes to imagination versus square footage, “mind the gap” (yes, that four-inch gap is the perfect storage spot for the gourmet olive oil) as the English say, and be sure imagination wins.

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