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Making Space After the Holidays for Those New Gifts

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holiday gift organization tips

It happens every year. There is a flurry of activity when all the presents are opened as the family starts to enjoy the items that they received. The opened presents may be placed back under the tree to play with or set in their boxes next to the living room wall. When you ask the kids to put the items into their rooms so you can get the house cleaned up for the next holiday celebration, they may complain that they do not have anywhere to put the new items.

Making space for new holiday gifts can be difficult when you have so many other things to do during this season. Here are a few tips on how to reorganize the home so that when the presents are opened, there will be a storage space waiting for them.

holiday gift organization tips

Organize the Room Right After the Gift Purchase

If you are an early shopper, you already know what items you will be gifting to the kids. After making sure that the items are wrapped and stored away until Christmas Eve, go into every room and consider where the item will most likely go when played with by the specific family member. This tactic will allow you to clean up or rearrange furniture now without having to do it later.

This strategy can also help you to determine whether you will need to add more storage places for the gifts. For example, if you purchased family gaming systems but only have a small television table, you may consider installing a new entertainment center or wall unit for the home. Setting it up early can allow you to relax without worrying about assembling it during the holiday. A home storage manufacturer such as Closet & Storage Concepts Connecticut can provide home organization designs and ideas.

Purge Before the Holiday

Doing a house purge can be difficult after the holidays. You just want to relax, and the kids are not keen on giving away the items they have right now even with the new ones that have arrived. Right before the holidays, consider decluttering and getting rid of items to make more space.

First, toss out the items that are obviously broken and cannot be repaired, as there will be little argument about keeping those things. Next, place items that are outdated or will be replaced by the newer gifts into storage boxes and place them into the garage, attic, or basement. These items can go into a garage sale or yard sale during the spring and summer months. If you experience push-back about removing items, get sneaky, and talk about the new items that may be gifted during the holidays. The family will get excited regarding the possibilities and be more willing to part with their old items now.

You do not need to have your home overrun with items to the point where it is difficult to move or even live in the spaces. By reorganizing and purging items before the holidays, you will be ready to put away all the new items that will be unwrapped.

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