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How to Create the Perfect Office Set-up for Virtual Meetings

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A home office space that has been optimally designed for virtual meetings can spell the difference between a successful career/business or a mediocre one. Here are some tips that can help you create an office space that you can be proud to showcase online.

Create a Professional Background

Your virtual meetings should only take place in your office. Even a tidy bedroom or living room won’t provide the professional setting you need to impress your supervisors or potential clients.

At the same time, that doesn’t mean you can simply set up your computer in your office and start the meeting. Take a look at your office background and make sure it showcases you in the best possible light. Storage shelves should be out of sight. Your desk should not be situated in front of a window as light coming from behind you will make it hard for people on the other end to see you. If your current office set-up is unsuitable, Closet & Storage Concepts of Norwalk can help you create the custom office set-up to suit your long-term needs.

Light Up the Area

Natural light coming from the left or right side of your desk is ideal. If your office doesn’t have many or any windows, use LED lamps to light up your desk area so the people you are speaking with can see you. Do a trial Zoom call with a friend or relative after you’ve installed new lights to ensure people you are talking with at work can see you and any materials you are presenting during your virtual meeting.

Have a Shelf or Desk Space for Virtual Meeting Items

The last thing you want to do during a virtual meeting is get up from your desk to rummage around your office looking for important papers and other needed items. Collect everything you’ll need or even possibly need during your virtual meeting and place it on the right- or left-hand side of your office computer. If you have a lot of papers you need to display, organize them in the order in which they will be shown on-screen.

Customize Your Home Office with Help from Closet & Storage Concepts Norwalk

As a growing number of companies transition to a full-time remote work model, maintaining a clean, optimized home office space is more important than ever before. If your current office set-up doesn’t meet your virtual meeting needs, it’s time to get rid of clutter, rearrange the furniture, and install new lighting. Have a custom office set-up designed from scratch to ensure you have the workspace you need to do your job or run your business efficiently and successfully. For help with designing a custom home office, contact the experts of Closet & Storage Concepts Norwalk!