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How to Create a Great Home Office in Your Bedroom

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Small home office in bedroom Connecticut

A home office is no longer just a “nice thing to have.” It’s a must for many people as working from home becomes increasingly common. Thankfully, your office doesn’t have to be large or fancy; you just need a small, organized space that will enable you to work in an effective, organized manner. Here are some tried and proven ways to turn a corner of your bedroom into an office area perfectly suited to meet your needs.

Select the Space

Is there a corner of your room that can accommodate a desk and a bit of storage space? If so, turning this corner into your new office won’t take much work. However, if you don’t have a suitable area, you’ll need to rearrange the furnishings to  create a space that suits your needs.

Murphy bed with home office Connecticut

If the room is small, you may want to consider removing your existing bed and putting in a Murphy bed that can be raised during the day. Alternatively, you may need to add storage space to another part of the home so you can remove storage shelves in the bedroom to create a small home office. Closet & Storage Concepts can create the custom Murphy bed and/or closet set-up you need to suit your exact needs and budget.

Once you’ve selected a spot for your new office, assess the area to make sure it will meet your current and future needs. Is there room for storage space for office supplies and paperwork? Is the background suitable for a virtual meeting or Zoom call? You’ll want to make sure your chosen space is just right for your job before you buy furnishings.

Invest in the Furnishings

Since the office is part of your bedroom, you’ll want to make sure your set-up is not only convenient for work but also good-looking. Choose furnishings that match in color and style with your existing bedroom furniture. An area rug can set a boundary between your office and the rest of the bedroom.

If you intend to use the space for other purposes, create a set-up that can be adjusted with ease. For instance, an ottoman with storage space is ideal for storing office supplies and it’s a cozy footrest when you want to kick back at the end of the day. A collapsible fold-down desk is perfect if you need space for a workout when the day is done.

Creating a perfect home office set-up doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply assess your work needs, choose a corner of the bedroom, and then set it up to suit your needs. With a bit of time and perhaps some professional assistance, your new home office can help manage your work-life like a pro.

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