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Is Your Garage a Mess? Tidy Up Quickly with These Tips

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custom garage storage workbench

New England is the oldest part of the United States, people have been hoarding their stuff for approximately four hundred years throughout the upper Atlantic region. So, whether you are located in the Tri-state area with a commute to New York, based in the Connecticut capital of Hartford, or have a summer home on the coast near Mystic — it is a safe bet that you have a few things hanging around the garage that need to be organized to make it more spacious as well as pleasant to look at when you come and go.

custom garage storage workbench

Connecticut garage storage solutions

Now, we’re not saying your garage is a mess, although, it probably needs a little bit of organization and Closet & Storage Concepts Connecticut is here to help. We get it, no one wants to clean up the garage. We hear you! This post is about making a small investment into your future. A future in which you not only find the things you are looking for faster, but also spend less time cleaning up the garage in general.

An unsightly space no more

Organizing your garage without having a high-quality storage system is like carrying food to the table in your hand. Sure, it gets there, but it’s a messy procedure. What we recommend is a solution that is customized to your space. Storage for your garage that looks as visually appealing and finished as the rest of your home. Closet & Storage Concepts Connecticut provides a service that is unmatched in this regard.

Imagine: your garage without the clutter

Picture this: workbenches without tools strewn about because the walls have a tailored pegboard to hang each one in its proper place. Your kids sport equipment hung up appropriately in dedicated spots, or better yet, out of sight all together in a cupboard. Racks for mounting bicycles and various pieces of lawn machinery that keeps them out of the way.

You don’t need to get rid of everything to declutter and have a respectable garage. Let us make it simple and spark a little joy in the one place everyone tries to push to the end of their “to-do” list. Get in contact with Closet & Storage Concepts Connecticut to schedule a free home consultation and prepare for a garage makeover today.