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Let Us Make The Most of The Limited Space in Your Laundry Room or Mudroom

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They say that “home is where the heart” is, but it can be tough to place some parts of the house within that quaint sentiment. For example, how do utility spaces such as the laundry room or mudroom fit into this romantic notion? At Closet & Storage Concepts Connecticut, we do know how to make these rooms as efficient as possible and keep the lifeblood of your family (your kids, spouse, and extended members like grandparents) moving quickly to the parts of the house where the memories are made. The answer is: good organization and dedicated storage.modern mudroom

Making the Most of Tight Spaces

Often a utility space like a laundry room or mudroom has a lot going on and machinery or other equipment is taking up a lot of space. It can be difficult to find orderly ways to fit all the peripheral necessities into such a compact room. Of course, it is very easy to leave things sitting around to pile up while everyone is coming and going — a duffel bag or a few shopping bags on the floor next to the door is pretty common.

What to Use, So Things Have a Place to Go

If it was junk you would throw the things out, but they are not needless things. Sometimes, it’s just tough to find a place for something within the rest of the house and items stack up in the rooms that you can forget about when you close the door. Out of sight, out of mind — as they say. In a laundry room, it is nice to have shelves or cupboards for detergents, hanging rods for clothes you want to let air dry, or a storage space for an ironing board.

If your mudroom is like others, then shoe cubbies will keep the extra pairs off the floor and out of the path of the door. Installing a few hooks for coats during the winter months or backpacks while school is in session is critical. Closet & Storage Concepts Connecticut will help to make these items and spaces less unsightly. There’s no reason a utility room can’t be as pleasant as the rest of your home.

Storage Made Simple

Picture your utility rooms and imagine them with less clutter. Whether you need a storage cabinet or an extra Murphy Bed, Closet & Storage Concepts Connecticut has what you need. Contact us today for a free home consultation.