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Maximizing the Most Space in Your Kid’s Room

Let’s face it, there never seems to be enough space in your kid’s room. With endless toys, books, and clothes, the clutter and mess is always there. Creating a space that your child will enjoy and a space where they’re able to find the things they’re looking for may seem like an impossible task. However, our experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Norwalk can take on any challenge and utilize the most space in even the smallest of bedrooms. Read through our tips and tricks to turn your child’s room into a perfectly organized space. 

organized kid's room


If it seems like your child’s room has too much stuff, you’re probably right! The first step in tackling this project is to get rid of excess clutter. Go through the items with your child and toss out any broken toys. Donate books you no longer use and clothes that your child has outgrown. Empty out any shelves and drawers and wipe down the surfaces. Once you have kept all the items your child wants, it’s time to start organizing. 


Organization Methods

Custom shelves and closets can make a huge difference in maximizing the most space out of your child’s room. Keep clutter off the floor and into a designated storage bin or shelf. Have a toy chest or basket to neatly keep all of their toys in one space. You can do the same with board games and books. Label drawers to keep their pants, shirts, and socks in their own separate spaces. The most important part is to use an organization method that your child can follow. Include pictures on the labels so your child can clearly see what is supposed to go in that drawer or bin. 


Murphy Beds

If you want even more space for your child to play in their room, consider a custom Murphy bed! Closet & Storage Concepts Norwalk offers custom wall beds that are built safely within kids rooms. Your child will always have the option of having more space in their room with a wall bed. 


When it’s time to consider a bedroom makeover for your child, follow these simple tips to make the most space for them. Our experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Norwalk can customize their work to suit all of your needs. Closet & Storage Concepts Norwalk proudly serves Connecticut and New York.


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