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Do’s and Don’ts of Hanging Cabinet Maintenance

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Hanging cabinets instantly provide extra storage space for kitchens, pantries, and laundry rooms by utilizing free wall space. These cabinets come in a range of materials and finishes, including hardwood, MDF, or stainless steel. Different products may be kept in cabinets such as food ingredients, garage tools, laundry detergents, cleaning chemicals, dinnerware, and knickknacks. When taking care of wooden or MDF hanging cabinets, there are several factors to be aware of in order to avoid damaging the cabinets. Let’s check out the do’s and don’ts for hanging cabinet maintenance. Be sure to reach out to our experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Norwalk for your storage solution needs.

Avoid Excess Moisture

Prolonged moisture will create mold on unsealed wood surfaces and could cause the wood to warp. When using soapy water to clean the cabinets, clean up the excess quickly with a soft cloth. Also avoid hanging wet objects from knobs or handles of the cabinet, such as hand towels or potholders.

Do Not Wax Cabinets

While wax provides a shiny and lustrous finish to wood surfaces, these products should not go on cabinets. The wax may build up along the surface to cause a yellowish haze that’s difficult to remove.

Avoid Abrasive Scrubbers and Harsh Cleaners

Abrasive scrubbers such as steel wool or plastic brushes may scratch, scuff, and damage surfaces. You should also avoid using harsh cleaners. These cleaners may strip off paint and sealers while damaging the surface of the cabinet.

Do Check with the Manufacturer About Cabinet Care

The manufacturer will provide maintenance instructions on how to care for their hanging cabinets based on the types of finishes, materials, and lamination. If getting custom cabinets, speak with the home cabinet manufacturer, to learn about maintenance options so you can select the appropriate materials for your cabinets.

Do Use Mild Soap and a Soft Cloth

Wring out the soft cloth of excess moisture and wipe down the cabinet in the direction of the grain for wood cabinets. If you are using a spray cleaner for glass, wood, or metal cabinets, spray the cleaner onto the cloth instead of directly on the cabinet’s surface.

Do Clean Up Spills Immediately

Most food spills can be cleaned with just water or a soapy water mixture. If spilling any chemicals, take the appropriate precautions to avoid damaging the cabinet or coming in physical contact with the cleaner.

Taking care of your hanging cabinets ensures that they will last and look beautiful for generations. For more information about hanging cabinet design, speak with our design team at Closet & Storage Concepts Norwalk.