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4 Hidden Storage Ideas For Your Home

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Two wall beds that fold up into a custom cabinet system are shown.

Can you recall a time that you needed somewhere to store certain items, but couldn’t decide just where to put them? It’s a common scenario; sometimes the things we need are unsightly or just don’t make sense to store out in the open. Even shoving them away into a closet or cupboard doesn’t necessarily feel like the right solution. 

Smart hidden storage throughout your home is a great way to keep things looking organized, while also providing designated spaces for all of your things. Closet & Storage Concepts can provide customized storage solutions that fit the style of your home and your specifications. Here are four genius hidden storage ideas to try out for yourself.

Wall Bed and Murphy Bed Systems

Bedrooms can easily start to feel crowded with large furniture pieces such as dressers, armoires, vanities, and not to mention beds. A big bed might feel like it’s taking up the majority of a room, without leaving much space for anything else. But what if you could hide the bed when it’s not in use? Installing a folding Murphy bed can free up some floor space and make your room appear more open and inviting. 

Wall beds also provide an opportunity for more sleek and stylish storage in your bedroom. Cabinets can be built around the fold-up bed for additional display space or concealed storage. Under-bed compartments are perfect for extra sheets or seasonal items that you rotate. Some wall bed models have doors that hide the bed completely. 

Behind The Door 

Consider using the space on the back of a door to store smaller items. This is an ideal spot for hanging accessories, like belts or necklaces. Shoes can also be stored in a door hanging unit. While you can use most any door in your house to store things, closet doors and bathroom doors are quite discreet and functional.

A closet door with hanging necklaces on the back side.

Under-Stair Storage

The space underneath a staircase often goes unnoticed and unused. That makes it the perfect place to install functional hidden storage units. A variety of things can be stored under the stairs, from shoes and extra couch pillows to miscellaneous objects or seasonal items. 

Sliding drawers can be placed in the space under your stairs or you can put compartments in the steps themselves. You can even create a Harry Potter style closet underneath your stairs! Imagine the surprise on a guest’s face when you reveal to them such an impressive and creative hidden space.

Laundry Room Slide-Outs

The laundry room may not be particularly spacious to begin with, so this is an area where clever hidden storage is a real plus. A washer and dryer are usually the focal point of this space. Utilize the surrounding areas to pack in functional features such as a fold-out ironing board or slim sliding drawers to hold essentials like detergent and dryer sheets. Another idea is a sliding extendable countertop or table to allow you enough surface area to comfortably fold clothes.

A laundry room with fold out ironing board and cabinet storage.

Get Started

Now that you have some ideas, why not start planning ways to incorporate your own hidden storage? Contact Closet & Storage Concepts Connecticut to see how we can help you make the most of your home! We are your local experts for custom closets and built-in home storage solutions.