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Control Your Clutter: Maintaining Organization

Organize your pantry storage system with simple tips

Have you tried organizing your home with storage solutions, but still managed to collect clutter despite your best efforts? Here are some everyday tips that can help maintain and make the most out of your organization systems in your pantry and closet. 


Whether or not you have a spacious pantry closet, the pantry accumulates excessive ingredients and containers quickly. To keep track of your pantry inventory, make a home for each type of item. For example, have all your spices on one shelf, dry goods on the other, and canned goods on another shelf. When you use an ingredient, try to return it to its home.

Organize similar items in your pantry storage system

While it is convenient to keep items nearby on the kitchen counter when you use them frequently, keeping similar items together will give you an accurate picture of your pantry inventory. Next time when you go grocery shopping, you will always know what you need to complete your pantry. Having an accurate idea of what you are missing will not only help you stay organized and avoid buying excessive ingredients, but it will also save you money! 


If your custom closet seems to accumulate clutter, there are ways to maintain your organization without constantly purging your collection of clothes. Firstly ask yourself: are you buying more clothes than you are actually wearing? If you only keep clothing pieces that you need and enjoy wearing, maintaining your closet organization will be much easier. When buying new clothes, pick pieces that you can use in three different outfits. Other tips include choosing clothes that make you feel good and that you can easily wear at least 30 times in your lifetime. If an article of clothing no longer fits into these categories, don’t be afraid to donate or give your clothes to someone who will love and wear them!

Declutter your custom closet by stacking clothes vertically

Once you have determined what clothing you want to keep, try to hang or stack your clothing vertically. Stacking clothes horizontally (like at the store) makes it difficult to grab clothes at the bottom of the pile. Instead, try stacking folded clothes vertically in drawers for easy access to all your clothing. With easy access, you can use all your clothes and see which clothes you actually enjoy wearing frequently. If you find that you are not wearing certain pieces, feel free to remove them from your closet to avoid clutter. You will also make room for clothes you’ll wear for years to come. 

With these tips and tricks for making the most out of your organization system, you can easily maintain a beautiful and clutter-free home. Interested in further transforming your closet, pantry space, and more?  Contact Closet & Storage Concepts Connecticut to schedule a free design consultation today! 

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