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The Perfect Accent: A Color Coordinated Closet

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Colors are such an integral part of our everyday lives. They can influence our moods, have different personal meanings and reflect our tastes in decor and style. You may have a particular color scheme in your living room or kitchen, but have you ever considered creating a color-coordinated closet?  Here are a few ways you can customize your closet using different color schemes and design elements.

 Showcase Your Personality

Your closet is a private space that can be a reflection of your own personality. Try decorating with your favorite color or a color that compliments your wardrobe. Paint the inner wall for an interesting accent or paint the closet shelving for a more noticeable pop of color. Hang up interesting artwork or other decorations to include some points of interest in your closet.

Choose A Theme

One way to bring color into your closet without it feeling garish or random is to choose a color theme and design around it. If you want to keep your closet fairly neutral, you can go for a clean gradient of greys and whites. You can opt for a theme of either cool tones or warm tones. Soft blues, purples and greens will transform your closet into a calm oasis. Rich reds, yellows and tan colors will make your closet warm and inviting. 

Utilize Accessories & Other Items

Bold colors can be a lot to commit to and some may worry about the effect it could have on a home’s resale value. If you would prefer not to make any big changes to your closet hardware, you can still bring in color through other means. Colored storage cubes are a great way to personalize your closet and they come in a huge range of colors and shades. You can even use your clothes to create a fun look by organizing clothing by color and grouping similar shades together for a rainbow effect. 

Colorful Kids Closets

Kids closets can be a great place to utilize bright colors. Your kids will be excited to have a colorful space of their own to get ready for the day! Let them pick out a color they like and make designing their closet a project to work on together.

Ready to customize your closet?

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