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3 Ways To Create More Room In Your Pantry

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Are you looking for a way to create more room in your pantry? When you cook lunch or dinner, you may have a difficult time finding what you need. Then, when you search through the pantry, you might not be able to see everything clearly. As a result, you spend numerous minutes rummaging through your pantry all while your meal is overcooking. If you want to make the process easier, you should create more room in your pantry. Take a look at a few important tips below. 

Add Can Dispensers

First, you should consider adding can dispensers to your pantry. Because of their shape, cans take up a lot of space while also leaving little room for other items. It can be difficult for you to maximize storage space when bulky canned items are crowding shelves. Dispensers can be added to the inside of cabinets or even mounted on the wall. This will keep your canned goods in a designated spot and allow you to keep things organized by type. If you want to maximize the number of cans you can fit in your pantry while minimizing the amount of space they take up, consider adding can dispensers. 

Shelves That Swing Out

Next, you may want to add shelves that can swing out. Are you tired of reaching to the back of the shelf, only to knock over a bunch of other items? In that case, investing in movable shelves can make it easier for you to reach the items you need without making a mess. Shelves with pull-out extensions or unfolding tiers are other options for space saving. These types of hardware allow you to store more items while maintaining a compact and clean appearance.

Increase Your Drawer Space 

Finally, a lot of people overlook the space directly underneath the shelf because they don’t know how to store items in that location. Rather than awkwardly stacking items to fill the gap, this is the perfect spot for you to put in a few drawers. Additionally, the top of the shelf will still be open for even more storage. Drawers are a great way to optimize space, so it can be a good idea to add extra wherever possible. There are plenty of drawer styles and finishes available to perfectly fit your pantry. 

Count On Us To Help Design Your Pantry

These are a few of the most important tips you should follow if you want to create more room in your pantry. To maximize the utility of your kitchen and obtain the perfect pantry, you should have a professional team to assist you. At Closet and Storage Concepts Connecticut, it would be our pleasure to help you get the most out of your pantry. Contact us today to speak to a member of our team.

Photo credit: Dominika Roseclay