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Making Space for Your Hobbies

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Making time for hobbies is key to leading a well-balanced lifestyle, especially with so many of us working from home. But this also requires making space for them. Whether you find your passion in the kitchen, in a sport, or the arts, it’s important to set aside some space for the practices that make you feel a bit more like yourself. Read on to discover the perfect storage and design solutions to keep you invested in your hobbies.

Making Spaces Multipurpose

When space is limited, we sometimes feel silly making room for things we don’t technically “need.” But there are plenty of ways to make areas of your home multifunctional and rewarding. Take a craft table for example; if need be, it is something we can live without, but it’s not at all impossible to set up. A desk is the perfect example here, as it can set aside room for restful activity while doubling as a productive office. Custom solutions will make this simple and sleek with options like pegboard backing and organizers to keep tools and materials off the table.

Make Your Garage Storage System Work For You

So often, garages are treated as general storage spaces—a place to keep junk or items that may go unused for years at a time. But these are often the perfect spaces to carve out a spot for our hobbies. Whatever your hobby may be, a custom garage provides the flexibility of storage that allows you to make adjustments at the drop of a hat. This might mean adding a workbench and pegboard backing is a great way to make room and get organized for a new project. Pegboard storage is perfect for keeping tools organized and accessible, and can easily be customized to fit all different sizes. They might be utilized for other hobbies as well. Between wall configurations like pegboard, racks, and slatwall systems you can set up a space for virtually anything, from mountain bike gear to studio recording equipment like guitars and instrument cables.

Cooking Up Your Dream Kitchen

For some, cooking may be a chore, but for others, it’s a place to create and explore. Investing in a custom pantry is the perfect way to store your hobby essentials and keep your kitchen clean. In addition to keeping you organized, a custom pantry helps satisfy specific kitchen needs, such as appliance storage, which creates counter space. And for those who aren’t big fans of spending time in the kitchen, you may just find that having the perfect setup makes the experience a little more enjoyable.

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