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How To Clean Out Your Closet During Your Spring Cleaning Session

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With the temperature warming up outside, now is probably the time for you to get started with your spring cleaning. There is a lot on your plate, but you can’t forget to think about your closet. You might be rotating your clothes, trying to figure out the most efficient way to get your closet in order for the spring and summer. At the same time, you might be intimidated by the sheer amount of work you have in front of you. Take a look at a few important tips that can help you make your closet spring cleaning a bit more efficient. 

Get Everything Out On The Floor

If you are worried that you will never be able to get your closet organized, the first thing you need to do is get everything out of your closet and onto the bedroom floor, where you can see it. With an empty closet, you should feel a bit more energized, and you should be able to go through your clothes more quickly, because you don’t have to worry about pulling things out one-by-one.  

Put Unnecessary Items in Storage

If you see items that you are not going to wear for a while, they need to go into storage. Group together sweaters, coats, jackets, and accessories like hats and scarves. Put them in a box that you know will keep them safe until the weather cools off again. This is a great opportunity to organize your entire wardrobe by season, as well. Categorizing your clothing this way makes it much easier to rotate your closet throughout the year. Once you are done with this separation process, you can think about how you want to put everything else back in the closet. 

Invest in Space-Saving Measures

Before you simply start throwing all of your items back into the closet, you need to think about measures you can take to save space. For example, you might want to invest in some hangers that can hold multiple articles of clothing at the same time. Or perhaps, install a shoe rack that can help you more efficiently store your shoes in your closet. You might even want to completely redesign your closet with a custom storage system. If you are looking for other space-saving options, you should reach out to a professional team that can help you.

Let Us Help

Even though it can be a bit intimidating to clean out your closet during the spring, this is not something that you need to go through on your own. Our team at Closet & Storage Concepts Connecticut is here to guide you through creating the perfect closets for your home. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote for your next home improvement project.