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Wall Bed Care And Maintenance Tips

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Like any other furniture in your home, wall beds also require care. There are some differences between these moving adjustable beds and normal beds when it comes to maintenance. Whether you use the wall bed every night, or just when guests stay over for the holidays, here are some wall bed care and maintenance tips to ensure that it lasts for a long time.

Linen & Mattress Care

Since wall beds fully enclose within a wall or within a cabinet, the linens and mattress aren’t exposed to dust, pet hair, and other particles as often. However, you still want to take the basic cleaning steps to ensure the linens and mattress stay fresh and clean. Wash and completely dry linens before placing them on the mattress. Sheets and light bedding that is still damp may start to have a mildew smell when you place the Murphy bed up if you only use it occasionally when guests are there. Check the manufacturer’s instructions on mattress care, which may include spot cleaning, deodorizing it when picking up smells, and turning it over.

Mechanical Maintenance

Depending on the type of wall bed you have, it will have moving parts such as hinges, bolts, screws, springs or sliders, based on how it folds. These mechanical components are essential for the wall bed to be lifted up, down, or out with ease. Periodically inspect the mechanical parts to look for any missing bolts or screws. If there are hinges for the well bed, check that no foreign objects become lodged along the hinge that could hamper its movement. Spring-loaded wall beds may need to be re-tightened every few years to ensure the right amount of tension is used.

Wall bed manufacturers provide safety and repair instructions for wall bed mechanisms. A home organization expert such as Closet & Storage Concepts Connecticut can explain how to maintain these mechanisms and where to get repairs in case the wall bed becomes difficult to move or does not pull down for use.

Furniture Care

Wall beds typically have surrounding furniture such as drawers and shelves. They also have a wooden underside so the bed blends into the furniture when folded away. This furniture needs the same type of wood care as you would treat the rest of the wooden furniture in your home. Dust clean with a microfiber cloth and make use of a non-toxic wood polish. If the wood becomes scratched, use a wood stain pen for light scratches or a wood putty for deeper nicks. You can also use fill sticks to repair holes, dents, and deep scratches.

Taking care of your wall bed can be a relatively quick and effortless process. As long as you know the basics of care, you can keep your bed in great condition! By using these tips, you can have a great looking bed that lasts a lifetime.