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Key Clothing Pieces for Summer

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It’s peak Summer and today on summer solstice; it is the perfect day to add or rearrange your closet with essential summer clothing items. Below are a few summer essentials we advise you to add or take out and put in your closet for upcoming Summer season.


One go to favorite clothing for summer whether be it for men, women or kids are shorts. This clothing piece is airy and yet provides enough coverage. It is a good idea to stock up on this summer staple in different varieties denim shorts, formals and even night shorts. Nothing is more apt and essential for summers than a pair of shorts in your closet to beat the summer heat.

Swim wear

The perfect escape for summer is a dip in the pool or just sunbathing on the beach. Good swim suit is another summer essential you need to get out for summer and stack in your closet.


A good Hat/Cap can not only take your summer look a notch higher but most importantly protect you from the harsh sun. Hats/Caps are good ad on to your attire in summer and apart from protecting your skin, they also protect you eyes from being harmed from the Harsh UV rays. Don’t forget to add a section of hats in your closet this Summer.


If you are a girly girl you know dresses are the most favorite summer clothing. There is a huge variety of dresses one can chose to add to the closet, from sundresses to maxi’s to rompers the list is endless. This clothing piece solves the purpose of the prefect summer clothing and makes you look your best.


A classic white T-shirt/Shirt is a quintessential summer staple that should be in everyones closet. One can go fancy by adding white loose short or loose cotton/linen pants. White clothes are preferred in summer as it reflects back maximum sun heat in comparison to other colors. Thus, they help us keep our bodies cool.

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