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Organizing Bedrooms For Child Sleepovers

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Your child is finally old enough to have their friends come sleepover for the night. It’s an exciting time for them, and you want the sleepover to be fun and safe for everyone. Since the kids will mostly be playing in the bedroom, you want to get it organized. Here are ways to make the bedroom into the perfect place for a sleepover event.

Custom Closets for Toys

Custom closets can do much more than store clothing. You can also store toys that won’t fit into toy boxes. Use labeled bins to store balls, extra stuffed animals, blocks, and other items to clear out more space. The bins can sit inside the bottom of the closet. You can also design the custom closet to have drawers with see-through fronts so that your child can easily find the toys they want to play with during the sleepover.

Murphy Beds for Floor Space

Kids have a lot of energy to burn off before bedtime. Giving them enough floor space to run and jump around is the best option. To prevent kids from jumping on the beds and damaging the mattress, consider using Murphy beds. A Murphy bed is a wall bed that pulls up into a frame against the wall. With the bed up in the frame, it provides plenty of space for the kids to play. They can also sleep on the floor if they plan to use sleeping bags while watching their favorite cartoons.

Custom Wall Units for Storage

Many kids will come over to play video games and watch movies. To keep all the entertainment electronics in one convenient location, a custom wall unit can fit into the space. A wall unit can hold the television, gaming consoles, and gaming accessories. You can also store books, movies, music, and other items on the shelves and in drawers. A custom home organization manufacturer such as Closet & Storage Concepts Connecticut can provide design ideas to fit wall units, closets, and wall beds into children’s bedrooms.

A sleepover will become a very busy and frenetic time for your child and the kids who are staying over for the night. Organizing the room to maximize the floor space and have all the toys and games in the perfect locations will create awesome memories for everyone. Speak with our design professionals for additional ideas regarding bedroom organization.