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5 Steps For Laundry Management

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Laundry time is something most of us don’t enjoy. Having an organized laundry room can help cut down time and energy spent on doing this monotonous task. Below are few steps or process we can follow to ease the process of doing laundry.

Pre- Sorting

Laundry management begins even before you put your clothes in the washer. The simple habit of having a separate sectioned basket for color, white/black clothes, woolens etc. If you follow the rules and put the clothes where they should be, it does 20% of the job.


It is best to wash your T-shirts, shirts, tops and more in one lot, and washing denims, pants etc. in another lot. That ways the clothes are not only saved from unwanted lint but also it saves time when we are folding and arranging the laundry in our closet. Pre- sorting and sorting as and when clothes are put for washing can not only help in laundry management but also help maintain the quality of clothes.

Post-Wash Care

Using a good lint remover and electric fabric shaver right after the clothes are out of the dryer is a great practice to care for your clothes and avoid further lint buildup on other clothes. It is also important to clean your lint remover inside the dryer for clothes to dry faster and thus making laundry time easier.


It is best to take care of laundry as and when you take it out from the dryer. The last step of laundry is to set your clothes in the closet in an organized manner. Nowadays interesting hangers are available that allow us to save the energy and time spent on folding. Hanging shelves, pant hangers, scarf crochets and more are all great closet accessories that help make laundry time easier and saves tons of space in the closet.


Having two separate baskets, one for clean clothes and one for the dirty lot is the very basic step you can take to make laundry time easier.

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