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Back To School Closet Organization

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Back to school organization

Many students are heading back to classrooms for another school year. Before you send them off to the bus stop, you need to provide them with all their school essentials such as uniforms, backpacks, lunch boxes, sports gear, notebooks, and other items. Often when purchasing items for the new school session, you start to run out of available space for storage. Here are a few ways to organize closets to keep everything neat and tidy.

Designate Places For School And Play Clothes

A major issue with storing school uniforms is that the items can become wrinkled and obtain odors when wedged between everyday clothing. Giving this apparel enough space to hang and breathe can prolong the life of the uniforms for the entire school year. You can add in additional hanging rods and hooks that are strictly for school uniforms or clothes so they remain wrinkle free and accessible. You can also consider designating drawers and shelves specifically for school clothing to keep it separate.

Adjustable Shelves For School Items

Your child will have lots of small things that come in various sizes, such as notebooks, school projects and extra school supplies. Consider redesigning the closet space with adjustable shelving. Then place the items into baskets and see-through containers that can be placed on the shelves. Your child will be able to find what they need quickly to complete homework assignments while not dropping things on the floor. A closet organization expert such as Closet & Storage Concepts Connecticut can offer customizable closet solutions for bedrooms.

Closet Nooks For Each Child

You may have several kids that share the same bedroom. This living arrangement can make organizing a closet twice as difficult. Consider separating the closet with a divider and designating each side to a child. Then place in clothing rods, drawers, and shelves to hold their school items. This method also helps to minimize household arguments between the kids on who owns which items in the closet.

Since not every item lasts for the entire school year, reorganizing closet spaces allows you to restock on school uniforms and accessories easily when they get worn out or when supplies run low. Make your home and your kids ready for the school year with smart closet storage organization. If you are looking for customizable closet solutions, talk with our design experts today!