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5 Ways To Organize Your Closet This Winter

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Fall season has just begun, and so has the cold weather. Creating space for the clothing items and accessories that will help you get through the cooler seasons is a must. To make your room in your closet for those warmer clothing items, here are five ways to optimize the space. 

1. Use cubbies to organize your cold weather storage 

It is important to begin creating space for the garments and gear that will be critical to your wardrobe. By using cubbies, you would be able to develop individual spaces for articles of clothing that will help you endure the colder months. 

2. Shelving is always a safe go-to 

For the items that would not be able to fit into a storage cubby, using shelving for those larger items would be sufficient. Not only would this make ample storage for oversized items, but also smaller items would make perfect shelving space. Keeping scarves, bags, and smaller accessories on shelves allow for a visual array of options. 

3. Utilizing hooks are a convenient way to explore your options 

Having hooks in your closet to hang clothing items and accessories are also an amazing way to view your options as you are getting ready for the day. In addition, keeping winter garments that you wear more often on hooks will be useful when you are in a hurry and grabbing things on the go. 

4. Be careful about hanging knit sweaters and other sensitive clothing 

A lot of knit items and other items of clothing made with sensitive fabrics may not take hangers very well, as they can stretch out and misshapen the item. Instead, folding them and placing them in an area where they are not on hangers helps to preserve their wear. 

5. Consider storage for your spring and summer apparel 

Even though we have to say goodbye to warmer weather, it does not mean we have to get rid of your apparel. Putting those clothing items into a space where they cannot be seen, like storage cubes, is a convenient way to make room for more cold weather items to enter their place.