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Create More Space In Your Garage

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Garage storage

It is important to take full advantage of every square inch of storage space that you have available. That is why you might use your garage as a place for items that you don’t have another designated location for. At the same time, you might like to park your cars in the garage. Or, you might simply want your garage to look a bit less cluttered. Take a look at some of the most important tips you should follow if you want to create more storage space in your garage.

Use the Walls for Lawn Equipment

If you want to maximize the amount of storage space in your garage, you need to use the walls. Even though you might be tempted to lay your lawn equipment on the ground in your garage, you will take up valuable storage space that could be used for other purposes, such as parking. Consider putting a few hooks on the walls. Hang your smaller lawn equipment, like a weed wacker or hedge shears, on those hooks to get it out of the way. If you don’t leave your lawn equipment on the ground, you might reduce your chances of damaging it as well.

Hang Floating Shelves in the Garage

There is a good chance that your garage is taller than it needs to be and has plenty of wall space going unused. Take advantage of the empty space close to the ceiling. For example, you may want to hang some floating shelves close to the back door. Then, you can put items on the shelves for which you might not have another place. You could put your cleaning equipment there, or perhaps store items that you don’t use very often, like seasonal decor. Hanging racks in the garage are a great place to keep large, bulky items such as sports equipment or camping supplies. 

Use a Shoe Rack

One of the reasons why your garage might be cluttered is that you have a lot of shoes on the ground. If you create a designated area for your shoes, you can create more space and reduce the chances of them getting damaged. Consider attaching a shoe rack to the wall or installing a slim shoe cabinet. Then, encourage people to put their shoes there before they go in the house. This can also help you keep your house clean. 

Work With Experts Who Can Help With Your Storage Space

Every garage is different, and you can customize your storage options to meet your needs. Work with our team of professionals at Closet & Storage Concepts Connecticut to maximize the amount of storage space you have in your garage. Consider putting a few of these tips to work for you, and do not hesitate to reach out to a professional who can help you get more out of your garage storage space.