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Creating A Custom Mudroom With Function And Style

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Stylish mudroom design

A mudroom is a transitional space between the clutter and chaos of the outside and your home’s clean and peaceful interior. As such, you can find everything from muddy boots to umbrellas, school gear, and other items within this space. Yet, with a touch of customization, you can transform your mudroom from a messy drop zone to a functional and stylish space. Learn about some of the must-have concepts to include in your design.

Built-in Bench with Storage

Seating is necessary in a mudroom, as it provides a convenient space to put on or remove shoes quickly. Choose a built-in bench with lift-up seating or pull-out drawers underneath for a custom finish. The extra space under the seat can be used to store seasonal footwear, small tools, or even extra shopping bags. Add some flair with colorful cushions on top of the bench.

Storage Lockers

Build a locker or cubby for each family member. These individualized spaces keep everyone’s belongings separate, making getting out of the house on time in the morning easier. Add a door to each unit to ensure the lockers have a clutter-free appearance. This also gives each person the chance to personalize their “locker” with a sign or other decorations on the front or inside of the door.

Mudroom cubbies

Dual-Purpose Hooks

Instead of standard hooks, include dual hooks in your custom mudroom space. Double hooks can hold more weight, which allows them to hold a heavy backpack just as well as a jacket or scarf. Additionally, you can get creative by using really ornate or unique hooks to add a point of interest to the area. Think the old brass wall hooks with a nautical theme that you might find at an antique store!

Daily Essentials Drop Zone

Install a small shelf or tray near the entry where keys, wallets, and phones can be quickly dropped off and picked up. Think of this space as your landing zone that houses all the essentials you need to grab while on the go. Use something like a silver tray or marble dish to elevate the aesthetic here.

Durable and Washable Materials

The mudroom is a utility space, so you must prioritize materials that withstand frequent exposure to moisture and dirt. Ceramic tile, water-resistant laminate and washable paint are easy-to-clean materials to consider. Consider darker wood or floor tiles to reduce the visibility of dirt or other wear and tear. Many colors and finishes are available to fit your personal design preferences.

A custom-built mudroom can integrate the organization of a functional room with the sophistication of a stylish space to create an area you can both utilize and admire. Remember all the above ideas to create an inspiring space you will enjoy for years. Contact Closet & Storage Concepts Connecticut today for a free consultation.