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Just How Useful Are Your Hall Closets?

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Making the most of the storage space in a home means creating a comprehensive plan. Hall closets are all too often overlooked during this planning stage, leading to issues with wasted space. Make the most of your hall closets without a big investment of time or money with these tips.

Why Can Hall Closets Pose a Storage Challenge?

It’s the limited size and depth of hall closets that reduce what they can store. Most hall closets are barely deep enough for shelves, leaving many homeowners with just a clothing pole for jackets and coats. To make the most of the space, you’ll need custom-designed storage solutions that maximize access to every square inch.

Set a Theme

All too often, hall closets become catch-all solutions for random items that don’t fit a theme. This kind of small space works best when it’s highly focused, whether that’s on household linens, overflow from the kitchen pantry, outdoor gear and coats, or anything else that needs hidden storage in your home. Find storage spaces for other things that don’t fit the theme so you know exactly where to head when you need something.

Separate the Space

The vertical layout of the average hall closet lends itself to separation. Try marking off the space at the halfway or three-fourths point, which represents what you can reach while standing and what you’ll have to crouch to access. Tighter shelving and containers fit well in the lower half to organize holiday decorations or shoes, while the top half is best left open for easy viewing. Matching the storage system to the amount of reach you’ll have in each position leads to more efficient use of the closet.

Control Floor Clutter

Don’t let boxes, shoes, or other items pile up on the floor of the hall closet. Ensure that anything stored on the lowest level goes onto a shelf or in some other kind of container that keeps it from spilling out. Even though you’ll rarely find a hall closet deep enough to step inside, you’ll find that a cluttered floor is distracting and makes the whole space seem disorganized.

Build on the Back of the Door

Hooks, hangers, and other door-based storage devices extend storage opportunities without overwhelming a small hall closet. Consider upgrading to a solid door if you currently have a folding door for this reason alone.

The hall closet is the perfect project to start tackling when overhauling your whole home. Reach out to Closet & Storage Concepts Connecticut for help with finding the right storage solutions for this kind of space. We’ll pair you with the right shelving and more to improve all of your hall closets.