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How To Improve The Lighting In Your Dark Closet

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Brightly lit walk-in closet

Struggling to see what’s hanging in the back of your closet or trying to match an outfit in dim lighting is not what you want in your custom closet. It’s frustrating when you can’t easily access everything you have stored away. Improving the lighting and making the closet space look and feel brighter is simpler than you may think. With a few easy upgrades, you’ll be able to see clearly and find what you need in no time.

Change Out The Lighting

The first and easiest fix is to change the light bulb or lighting fixture itself. Make sure you have an overhead light installed if you don’t already. Choose a bright bulb or fixture that provides plenty of illumination. Opt for lighting with natural daylight tones rather than soft white or yellowish bulbs which can still leave you squinting. The brightness will make a huge difference in a formerly dark space.

Paint The Walls a Light Color

Sometimes it’s not just the strength of the lighting, but the finish of the walls that soaks up all the brightness. If you have dark, bold paint or wood paneling in your closet, it may darken an already dark space. Painting the walls a bright white or very light neutral color can work wonders at reflecting and bouncing light around. 

Install Specialty Lighting

For additional lighting power, install strip lighting around the perimeter of your closet. This type of lighting often uses LEDs to cast a bright glow and highlight the contents of closets, display cabinets and shelving. The slim design allows lighting to fit where bulky fixtures can’t. Line the top, bottom or vertical edges of the closet with these energy-efficient lights. Another unique and luxurious option includes specialty clothing rods that have lights built in. This provides direct lighting onto your hanging clothes making them much easier to see and highlighting them within your closet.

Clothing rod with lights built in

Add Mirrors

Mirrors reflect and amplify available light sources. Hang a large mirror on the back wall of your closet or place standing mirrors along the side walls or doors. The reflection will brighten up the space and also make your closet feel larger. Opt for unframed mirrors or ones with very thin frames to maximize the reflective surface area. 

Install Light-Colored Shelving & Storage

The contents of your closet can also have an impact on the perceived brightness. If you currently have dark wood shelves, painted metal racks and bins in darker finishes, switching them out can make a noticeable difference. Light-colored wood, metal, canvas, or transparent acrylic storage options allow light to permeate much better than their darker counterparts. You’ll be able to see all the way to the back of shelves and no longer have to dig around searching for what you need in a dark closet.

Small upgrades and fixes can radically change a formerly dim closet space. With improved lighting sources, reflective surfaces and lighter colors, you’ll turn your closet into a bright and cheerful place where finding what you need is easy. If you’re looking to create the perfect closet for your needs, Closet & Storage Concepts Connecticut would love to help. Reach out to us today and let’s get started creating a bright closet that provides you with the storage you need.