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Closet Design Accessories For Both Fashion & Function

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Belt hook hangers

If you’re looking for a way to make your closet an organized oasis where everything is right at your fingertips, closet accessories are the perfect functional and fashionable solution. Adding beautifully designed accessories like valet rods, jewelry and hosiery drawers, hooks, baskets, and organizational racks will instantly elevate your closet. You deserve a space that is beautifully designed, and the expert team at Closet Storage Concepts Connecticut is here to help make it happen.

Valet Rods Add Convenience

Designed with style and function in mind, valet rods that are installed on the side of your closet door or along a closet wall make an unexpected and helpful tool. These adjustable must-haves provide a convenient place to hang your clothes while putting an outfit together. This unique accessory is a visually helpful hanging solution, and is the perfect addition to bring your closet from ordinary to luxury 

Decorative Hooks Double As Art

Transform blank closet and door space with decorative and handy hooks. Available in an array of designs and materials, they provide a special place for just about anything in your closet. Ideal for storing hats, belts, coats, scarves, and more, you’re sure to get hooked on hooks. Humor aside, they also double as a visually pleasing wall accent. Choose an intricate design, and a hook can be a piece of wall art when nothing is hanging on it.

Tie and Belt Racks Organize Collections

Keep belt and tie collections out in the open for easy access. Tie and belt racks located inside your closet are the organizational solution that will keep your neckties wrinkle-free and every belt ready to go. These clever space savers don’t take up valuable drawer and shelf space. Instead, they allow you to view all your options at once while conveniently stowing away when not in use.

Hanging Rods Maximize Vertical Space

Maximize your vertical hanging space with double hanging rods. This provides more space to hang shorter apparel like shirts, skirts, and pants on the top rod and longer clothing like dresses, coats, and dusters on the bottom rod.

Jewelry Drawers Divide and Conquer

If you find yourself removing knots from necklaces and wasting time hunting through a drawer for a matching earring, a customized velvet-lined jewelry drawer is the ideal answer. Your valuable jewelry can now be stored in individual sections and dividers within the drawer. Simply pull out the drawer and everything will be right in its place and ready to wear.

Get Started Today

 Contact our expert team at Closet & Storage Concepts Connecticut to get started designing a fashionable and functional closet today! Whether you need a full renovation or just a few finishing touches, we are happy to help outfit your closet with the best.