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Is A Murphy Bed Right For You?

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One of the most precious commodities in the home is space, and this makes a Murphy bed worth its weight in gold. This is especially true for those with small or limited spaces where they want a bed. These fold-up sleeping implements are versatile and save space anywhere you might put a traditional bed. Even though they have been around for more than 100 years, many people have never heard of a Murphy bed. These practical and unique pieces of furniture are making a well-deserved comeback and helping people make multi-functional spaces in their homes.

What exactly is a Murphy bed?

This timeless invention is uniquely designed to tuck into a cabinet or wall when not in use or more space is desired. They’re great to use in small homes, condos, guest rooms or children’s rooms. Also known as a pull-out bed, fold-down bed or wall bed, the Murphy bed was invented in 1908 by William Murphy, who needed to free up space at home. He designed this bed to pull down out of a closet-like structure to use and to fold back up when not in use.

Where can Murphy beds be installed?

Murphy beds are able to be installed in various areas of the home, and placement depends on your needs and space availability. Popular options include guest rooms, offices that have multiple purposes, and children’s rooms, so they have additional floor space to play on. These beds are safe and comfortable to sleep on. Essentially, a Murphy bed can be situated anywhere where there is existing space to open it up for use.

It must also be attached to a wall using a bracket kit or be a closet-style model. When choosing placement options, you’ll want to consider the size to ensure that the bed will fit and occupants can move around it when it’s open. Also, how much weight must it support? You want to be able to open and close it with ease, and hydraulic systems can make this task easier. While most of these beds are installed vertically, there are options for horizontal installation, too.

Murphy bed designs

These beds are available in a variety of designs and sizes, with styles that range from modern to traditional to fit any decor and can be customized. They have an array of sizes that include twin, full, queen and traditional king. They can be crafted from materials like metal, wood, and even upholstered fabrics. They can also feature side shelves and cabinets for storage or displaying items.

From sleek, minimalist designs suited for contemporary interiors to ornate, classic styles that complement traditional decor, there’s a Murphy bed to match any taste. Whether you prefer a streamlined look or crave extra storage, there’s a Murphy bed design to fulfill your vision for your space.

Should you get a Murphy bed?

Since we, at Closet & Storage Concepts, build every one of our products custom, we can install a Murphy bed that fits your style, size, and aesthetic preferences. Whether you decorate in a classic style or with a modern touch, our Murphy beds can immediately transform any room into a surprisingly functional space.

If you’re interested in a high quality Murphy bed that can add to the resale value of the home and free up valuable space, Closet & Storage Concepts Connecticut can help you select a style and choose a bed to meet your specific needs. We offer free in-home consultations—just contact us to schedule yours!