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Easy & Affordable Options For Organization In The Home

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One struggle many homeowners face, regardless of how much space they may have, is the feeling there is never enough room for everything. Whether it is a closet overflowing with clothes or clutter all over the home, storage and organization are issues that can cause stress and worry. Thankfully, there are easy and affordable options that can help you get your home back on track. No matter how big or small your living space, these four options can help you fit more into your home and also make it easier to stay neat and organized!

Hidden Storage and Low-Access Areas

One of the best ways to improve organization in the home is to make sure there is a place for everything. But what do you do when all of the obvious storage options have been used? Oftentimes you make or find room in the most unexpected places that people may never even see. Hidden storage such as space inside ottomans and footrests, under-bed storage, and other low-access corners of the home are great places to store less frequently used items.

Multiple Tier/Level Storage Ideas

Closets are a notorious trap for clutter to build up and get out of hand, despite all efforts to keep it from happening. One simple and easy option to get more storage space in your closet is to add multiple levels of storage items and look at some innovative organizational options. Shelves, compartmental bins, hangers and hooks, and more can add multiple levels of storage and organization into even the smallest closet space!

Storage Boxes and Stacking Options

Even if you only have a small area to work with in terms of where you can store items, chances are you can squeeze a little more into those areas. Stacking storage boxes in the corner of the closet, on a bottom unused shelf, or in other out-of-the-way areas can turn that unutilized space into a perfect storage option. With many customized bin and container options, you can find something that fits every space with relative ease.

Clothes Racks and Hanging Storage

The final option for getting more storage space in the home is to take another look at clothes organization and hanging storage. Adding several clothes racks of different heights in a closet can double or triple storage space for all your clothes. Hanging racks on the back of doors and other out-of-the-way places can offer easy access without cluttering up your available space. No matter your home layout, you have options.

So when you need some quick and easy storage options to fight back the clutter in your home, remember that there are many potential solutions. Getting organized and finding a place for everything doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or be a big involved project. Simple and easy storage and organization options exist and those highlighted here are a great place to get started! Contact Closet & Storage Concepts Connecticut today to learn more and to see how easy home storage and organization can be with the right approach!