Custom Laundry & Utility Room Storage

Lacking the right kind of storage can turn your laundry or utility room into a battleground of difficult chores and misplaced items. Make things easier on yourself with a custom storage solution built by Closet & Storage Concepts of Omaha! Our experts will work with your needs and specifications to design a storage solution built for your life. Below, we’ve compiled a few of the many storage solutions we can build for your laundry room.

Custom Storage Solutions

Custom Cabinet Installations

A major utility room hurdle is simply lacking storage space. We can help! Our custom storage options include a variety of different cabinet styles that can be installed anywhere in the room. Unlike premade storage options, custom cabinets will ensure that you have the right amount of storage and that your storage system fits the space you have. Premade cabinets can feel cluttered and ill-matching, while custom cabinets will suit your space perfectly. 


You have a variety of options when designing the perfect type and amount of shelving for your laundry or utility room. Having ample shelving will ensure that you have space to fold clothes and store supplies. Our shelves and dividers can be completely adjustable to keep up with changing needs. We also offer pullout shelves that fully extend, giving you easy access to everything you need.

Concealed Laundry Baskets

Keep dirty laundry and clean clothes sorted with laundry basket inserts! We have drawers made specifically for concealed laundry basket inserts, making organizing laundry a breeze.

Built-In Hangers

Closets or cabinets with built-in hangers provide versatile utility for your laundry room. As a space to hang clean clothes or hang wet clothes up to dry, easily accessible hangers will streamline your laundry routine.

Extendable Folding Ironing Board

Ironing boards can be a pain. They take up a lot of space and require time to set up. We have an easy solution: an ironing board that’s built into your cabinets. When not in use, the laundry board will fold neatly into your closet. It can then easily be extended outwards when you need it.

Get Started in Omaha Today!

A custom storage solution could be the upgrade your laundry room or utility room needs. A system built around your lifestyle will make staying organized easy and streamlined. To get started, contact the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts of Omaha today! We’ll work with you to find the perfect custom storage solution.