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Home Organization Tips for Spring

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This spring, take some time to do an organization inventory of your home. A few easy changes can make a big difference, so read on for Closet & Storage Concepts’ tips for home organization this spring!

Front Hall Closet

During fall and winter months, your front hall closet may be the home to heavy winter coats, boots, hats and gloves, and umbrellas. However, once the weather gets warmer, it’s a good idea put these cold-weather items in storage so that your front hall closet can be used more effectively. In the spring and summer months, your front hall closet can be used to store nearly anything you use frequently. Lightweight jackets, spare sunglasses, sandals and beach towels are all items that can be easily stored in even a small closet.


If it’s nearly summer and most of your garage is still full of holiday decorations and skis, it may be time to do a little de-cluttering. If you have an attic or a storage unit, consider boxing up all your winter gear and storing it until the temperatures start to drop again. If you don’t have any extra storage space, you can still rearrange things so that your winter items are stored out of the way, making room for the things you’ll use more in the spring. Hanging racks are great for storing bikes or other large sports equipment, and cabinets are an ideal place to keep smaller items like baseball mitts and soccer balls.

Porch and Deck

There’s nothing better than having a functional porch or deck space to enjoy the beautiful spring and summer weather on. However, during the winter months these spaces are often ignored so that when spring rolls around, you’re facing a dirty, cluttered mess. Take some time to organize and clean your outdoor living space this spring. This is also a great time to pull out the barbecue and check that everything is working and ready for grilling.

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