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Creating Your Dream Closet

Girls custom closet reach-in

Some people dream of having a high-tech theater room in their home. Others make plans for a massive swimming pool, complete with a waterslide and hot tub. And some people pine for a spacious, organized walk-in closet with enough room for all their shoes. If your closet needs an upgrade, then read on for some tips on creating the closet of your dreams!


Regardless of how big or small your closet is, it’s important to prioritize the space according to your needs. If you have more shoes than you can count, but only a few long jackets, your closet should reflect that with extra shoe storage but less full-length hanging space. Likewise, if you prefer to hang most of your shirts, rather than fold them, you’ll need less drawer space and more hanging space. Even if you’re not doing a full closet remodel, you can purchase shoe and clothing racks, rolling drawers, and hangers to modify your closet to best fit your storage needs. Taking an inventory of your wardrobe and figuring out what kind of storage you actually need is key to an organized, functional closet.


Always wish you had a full-length mirror in your closet? Now’s the time to add one! Dislike the color on the wall? Redoing your closet is the perfect opportunity to freshen up the paint with a color you love. Adding posters, art, and wall decorations is also a great way to give your closet personality. Even features that are commonly overlooked, such as high-quality lighting, can make a huge difference. Customizing your closet to your specific design and organization tastes will make it a space you love.

Keep it Organized

Having a large walk-in closet is great, but if you don’t put in some effort to keep things tidy, it will soon become a disorganized mess. Follow the guideline, “A place for everything and everything in its place” when keeping your closet neat. Hang shirts on their dedicated hangers, fold pants and put them on their dedicated shelf, and keep your socks in their dedicated drawers. This will not only make your life easier when getting dressed each day, but it will keep your closet looking fabulous as well.

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