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How to Tackle a Home Organization Project

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Many homeowners have great intentions when it comes to tackling a home organization project. However, taking on a big project can be overwhelming and many people aren’t sure where to begin. Organizing is one area of our expertise here at Closet & Storage Concepts in West Berlin, so we put together some of our favorite tips for tackling your to-do list.

Be Realistic

You aren’t going to completely revamp your home’s organization system in one day. Biting off more than you can chew will only result in frustration, so it’s important to realistically assess your goals and timeframe. For larger projects, consider if it would make sense to hire a professional. At Closet & Storage Concepts, all of our storage systems are custom designed to fit your needs, whether it be a custom closet, entertainment system, or garage storage system.

Plan Ahead

Planning is key for a productive day of organizing. Write out a list of everything you want to accomplish and plan out when you want to tackle each project. Consider if you need to purchase any storage bins or containers, and do that ahead of time. This will keep you from having to drive to the store at the last minute. If your project is large or complex, break it out into individual steps. This will keep you on task and help keep you from becoming overwhelmed. For example, if your goal is to clean out your closet, break it out into steps like “sort through shirts”, “throw away socks with holes” and “put shoes in shoe rack”.


Once your project is complete, the work isn’t over! Take 5 or 10 minutes every few days to maintain all the work you’ve done. This can be as simple as making sure the DVDs in your entertainment center are stacked neatly, or hanging up any tools in your garage. Neglect to do this, and you’ll find yourself facing another large organization project sooner than later!

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