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Easy Closet Upgrades

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When most people think about upgrading their home’s closets, they imagine a huge remodeling project that will cost them lots of time and money. However, not all closet upgrades need to be a big undertaking. Read on for some small, easy updates you can make to your closet that will have a huge impact. 

Decorative antique chandelier


Good lighting makes your closet both functional and visually appealing. If your closet has poor lighting or no lighting at all, it may be time for an upgrade. For existing light fixtures, replace old burnt out bulbs with new CFL ones. If your closet doesn’t have any light fixtures, considering adding floor or desk lamps. You can even purchase press-on lights you can attach to your walls, which will help illuminate areas where your overhead light can’t reach.


Many of us have a mish mash of hangers in our closet: plastic, wire, or velvet. While repurposing that coat hanger you got from the dry cleaner five years ago is certainly eco-friendly, it can make for a visually cluttered closet. Consider upgrading your hangers to a matching set. Velvet covered hangers are easy to find, prevent clothes from slipping off, and are gentler on your delicate items than wire hangers. 

Miscellaneous Storage for Accessories

Custom closet belt rackTies, scarves, belts and jewelry are all items that most people have in their closet and are often the hardest to store neatly. Spending some time creating dedicated storage for these miscellaneous items can make a big impact on the overall organization of your closet. Consider purchasing special hangers designed to hold ties and scarves, which will keep things organized and save space in your closet. You can also purchase belt hangers, which are similar to a wall coat hook. Consisting of multiple hooks or pegs attached to a wooden base, these hangers are great for keeping belts organized. Belt, tie, and scarf racks can be incorporated into a custom closet. The racks slide out of sight for a clean appearance. 

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