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Conquering Pantry Clutter

Baking ingredients on pantry shelf

Baking ingredients on pantry shelfA well-organized pantry is essential for efficient cooking. We’ve compiled some of our favorite tips for keeping your kitchen’s pantry clutter-free!

Eliminate duplicates

At some point in time, nearly everyone has purchased something at the grocery store, only to arrive home and discover they already had a bag of that item sitting in their pantry. While this may prevent you from running out of something, it will also clutter up your pantry. Take the time to do a thorough inventory of your pantry and eliminate duplicate items. If you have three bags of rice with just a little left in each, dump them all into one bag.  Have two boxes of sugar? Combine them both into an airtight storage container. Getting rid of bulky packaging and reducing any duplicate items you may have in your pantry will free up space and help keep your pantry functional.

Spice racks

Custom pantry spice rack storage
As any cook with an extensive spice collection knows, storing spices so they are both organized and easily accessible is a challenge. If you’re sick and tired of digging around in the back of your pantry for that little jar of allspice, it may be time to invest in a spice rack. Options include over-the-door racks, which you can hang on your pantry door, spinning spice rack carousels, and pullout racks. Having a dedicated spice rack will save you time and free up a ton of space in your pantry.

Dry good storage

Is your pantry full of open bags and boxes of flour, pasta, and cereal? These bulky packages take up space and spill easily. Consider investing in some airtight containers designed to store your dry goods in an organized way. You can often buy them in sets that come in different sizes for different items.  These containers come in a variety of materials, but the advantage of purchasing glass containers is that you can easily see what item is stored in the container and when you’re running low on something. Another advantage of food storage containers is that they keep items fresher for longer, which helps to eliminate waste.

Start making your pantry more functional – give Closet & Storage Concepts of Philadelphia and South Jersey a call today. Our local designers are ready to help you give your pantry a makeover and create and custom pantry solution!

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