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Choosing the Right Entertainment Center

Custom entertainment center in Cherry Hill NJ

An entertainment center is a fantastic feature to add to any home – a multifaceted installation that maximizes the use of your space, allowing the use of the TV while surrounding it with other media and decorative objects.  At Closet & Storage Concepts of West Berlin, we offer custom-built entertainment centers to get the best use for your lifestyle in your space. Here are a couple of things to consider when planning for an entertainment center.

Custom entertainment center in Cherry Hill NJ

Sizing & Measurements

The biggest factor in selecting an entertainment center is determining what size will best fit your space. Of course, you will have to begin by measuring your space to see how much area you have available for an entertainment center. Also, consider how much of your space you’d like to use.

In addition to measuring the space, you should also measure your television. It’s best to measure it in multiple dimensions – height and width and diagonal, as well as depth if it’s an older screen. After all, the entertainment center is based around your TV – it should fit it well!

Depending on how great of a focal point you’d like the entertainment center to be, you can choose a large and complex or a small and simple layout. Closet & Storage Concepts offers choices in many sizes, from full-size entertainment centers to TV stands and shelving units.

Consider the Items You Have

Another important factor for your planning is what else will be stored in the entertainment center. After all, it’s in the name – you want your media setup accessibly stored in one central location. Generally, it’s a good idea to keep your sound system hooked up in the same area. Not only speakers, but the receiver and other music players can fit in as well. It’s also a good idea to keep your video game consoles in the entertainment center. Finally, depending on how much space you want the center to take up, you can store movies, video games, and music as well to keep all your materials in one central location. Built-in media center drawer South Jersey

Styles & Colors

Finally, take into account what style of entertainment center you’d like to have. One major option is whether or not to have cabinet doors on the sections. Doors can be used to conceal items, such as devices or larger collections of media that may look cluttered or unseemly. However, it is perfectly acceptable to leave it open for easier access. Consider what else the room is used for – if it is a home theater or similarly dedicated space it’s better to keep it open, but if it’s more of a general visiting room it’s wise to be able to shut the entertainment center when not in use. Also, consider the size and shapes of what you’re planning to store. Measure items like game consoles and media players, and plan out where to put shelves or open spaces to clearly lay it out.

Adding an entertainment center is a great decision and addition to your space. Give Closet & Storage Concepts of West Berlin a call – we’d love to help you out with finding the right design for your home theater.