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Mudroom Design Tips

Custom-built mudroom storage Philadelphia

Custom-built mudroom storage Philadelphia

A mudroom is a great feature to have in your home. It can serve as an entryway, storage room, and laundry room all in one! Mudrooms are especially useful for homeowners with kids or pets because they can act as a barrier between muddy shoes and paws and your home’s pristine carpet! Read on for some of our favorite tips on designing a functional mudroom!

Keep it clean

Mudrooms are meant to be a place where mud and dirt collect – it’s in the name! But it’s also important that your mudroom is easy to clean. That means a floor that is hard (no carpet!), easy to clean, and is able to withstand frequent exposure to water and moisture.  Vinyl and tile are some of the most popular options in the Philadelphia area. You should also invest in some heavy-duty boot trays and doormats to help keep mud and dirt contained to the mudroom. Consider installing some shelving or racks right by the door to keep cleaning supplies in, so you can quickly grab what you need.

Add storage

A mudroom’s usability won’t be maximized unless there is ample storage. Laundry detergent, shoes, dog leashes, cleaning supplies, and backpacks all tend to collect in the mudroom. Extra shelving above your laundry machine is a great option for storing laundry and cleaning supplies. A bench that doubles as a shoe rack or extra cabinetry, provides a place for people to sit to remove their muddy boots – and a place to store those boots! Also, consider installing some hooks for family members to hang things like keys, jackets, and bags. Dedicate an entire wall to storage to make the most of your space.


It’s easy to let your mud room turn into a room that exists purely for function. While a mudroom generally isn’t the aesthetic focus of a home, you can easily add a few decorative touches that make a big difference. Patterned rugs and doormats add a pop of color to any room. You can also look for fun storage bins and decorative pillows in funky patterns. Consider adding some prints or pictures to the wall if there’s room. Instead of a plain rubber boot tray, look for one that has a bit of detail.

If you’re ready to makeover your mudroom, give Closet & Storage Concepts a call! Serving the Philadelphia-metro and South Jersey areas, we offer free in-home consultations.