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Prepping your Pantry for the Holidays

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Contemporary kitchen pantry storage in Cherry Hill

Contemporary kitchen pantry storage in Cherry Hill

With all the cooking and baking that happens during the holiday season, having an organized pantry can be a huge time saver. We’ve put together some of our favorite tips on getting your pantry ready for the holidays. If your pantry is in need of a deep clean and reorganization, read on!

Take Inventory

The first step in every pantry makeover is to take inventory. Pull everything out of your pantry so you can easily take stock of what you have. This is also the best time to do a quick scrub of your pantry, while everything is out. Clean up any spilled items and wipe up any dust with a damp rag.


Once you’ve cleared your pantry out, evaluate what you have. Many people end up with duplicate items or items that are nearly empty but haven’t been used up or thrown out yet. Combine duplicate items into one bag or container and toss empty or expired items. While you’re doing this, take note of any holiday cooking staples you may be running low on. You’ll want to make sure you’re well stocked up on flour, sugar, spices, and all the other items you need for your secret recipe! Pantry storage built-ins West Berlin

Storage Containers

Consider investing in some storage containers for items like flour, pasta, rice, and cereal. These items take up space and can be hard to store in their original packaging (anyone who has ever knocked over an open bag of flour knows what we’re talking about!). There are many great options available, from see-through glass containers to stainless steel and even BPA-free plastic. These containers come in all different sizes, so you can easily store everything from spaghetti to chocolate chips! Spice racks are also a great option for keeping your spice collection organized and easily accessible.

Logical Arrangements

Arranging your pantry in an organized, logical way is crucial during the holidays. Not only will this save you time when you’re in the middle of cooking five different things at once, but it will also make it easier for family members and out-of-town guests to navigate your kitchen. Put frequently used items toward the front of your pantry, from smallest to largest so you can see what’s in the back. Also, consider grouping items by function. Put all of your baking ingredients on one shelf, pasta on another shelf, and so on.

If you’re ready for a full pantry renovation, contact us today! We create pantry storage systems that are custom designed to fit your space and needs. Proudly serving the Philadelphia-metro area including Cherry Hill and West Berlin.