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Small Bathroom Storage Tips

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Small but luxurious bathroom with shower


Small but luxurious bathroom with showerMany homeowners face the dilemma of having little or no storage in their home’s bathrooms. Whether this is due to small square-footage, limited counter space, or lack of cabinets and shelving, lack of storage can limit the functionality of your bathroom. We’ve compiled some ideas for maximizing the storage in your bathroom below.

Maximize use of wall space

When your bathroom lacks storage, open wall space can be a lifesaver. Floating shelves, medicine cabinets, racks and hangers all add storage without taking up any floor space. Use open shelves to store items you use regularly, so they are easy to access. Placing decorative baskets and boxes on shelves will provide extra storage while keeping items stowed away. You can use racks to store things like extra towels or toilet paper. When storage is limited, using wall space will help make the most of your bathroom.


If space is limited, it’s crucial to pare down the items you keep in your bathroom to the necessities. If you use something at least once a week, keep it in your bathroom. Otherwise, find somewhere else to store it. For example, you don’t need to keep an extra large package of toilet paper under your sink. Take a few rolls out and leave them in your bathroom, then store the rest in your garage or linen closet. If you only use your curling iron once a month, there’s no need for it to be taking up valuable shelf space. Do a thorough assessment of the “must haves” and find a different place to store the rest.

Over-the-door storage

Don’t forget about the inside of the bathroom door! There are many different products out there that let you take advantage of this otherwise unused space. Over-the-door towel hooks and bars let you free up wall space where you would otherwise be hanging towels. These over-the-door hooks are affordable and generally require little to no installation time, making them a quick and easy storage solution. Also, if there’s any space between the top of the door frame and the ceiling, consider adding a small shelf right above the door. This shelf can store items that aren’t used frequently, or can even be used for decorations.

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