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Organizing the Cleaning Zones – Laundry Room

Clean modern laundry room with machines

It may be time to start organizing and cleaning with spring in full force, but have you considered cleaning the areas in your home where most of the cleaning takes place? Many homes often utilize the laundry room to keep their families and the rest of their homes clean. Here’s how you can start organizing and cleaning your laundry room to keep it at peak performance.

Clean the Washer & Dryer

removing lint from dryerWhile it may seem a bit redundant to clean your washer and dryers, a good clean can help to make sure any smells or leftover residue is removed to keep your clothes fresh.

All you’ll need for your washer is some vinegar, or lemon juice, and hot water from the machine. Bleach can also be used, although it might ruin the rubber along the inside of many machines. With dryers, be sure to vacuum the vents and clean the drum. Remove any lint from the filter to prevent a fire and to keep your dryer running at its best.

Don’t forget to get the dust bunnies out from underneath the machines as well, to help to keep the floor and room clean.

Don’t neglect the tops of the machines either, as they tend to attract dust or other particles.

Sort it Out

Get buckets, or create tiers on your shelves to create separate areas for different cleaning products. Having set homes for products to clean floors versus those for the counters, for instance, will make cleaning the rest of your home a breeze; no more searching for that one special cleaner for your grout!

If you have room for laundry hampers in your space, take advantage of it by having bins to separate clothes. Sorting stations with designated areas for clean and dirty clothes, light and dark loads, and so on will make laundry day immeasurably easier.

Clean modern laundry room with machines

Spruce it Up

Make the laundry room a place for productivity. Just because it is utilized for cleaning, doesn’t mean that you can’t add a little design spunk either. Try adding decorative elements like a plant or a fun wall clock like in the photo above. Using fun wallpaper can also help to keep the energy up in this room, especially since it is a bit unexpected.

Find metal or wicker baskets for your cleaning supplies or other containers to add a personal touch to your room. They can also add a bit of texture if you’re trying to add a bit of interest to your space.

Your laundry room may be an area that is traditionally forgotten in the spring cleanup, but cleaning and organizing this vital space can help the rest of your home. Need custom storage solutions to finish everything off? Call Closet & Storage Concepts of Philadelphia to help you today! We proudly serve the Philadelphia, South Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware areas.

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