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Late Spring Cleaning Tips

Clean kitchen with pantry storage

With summer just around the corner, it’s still not too late to spruce up your home with a late round of spring cleaning. Closet & Storage Concepts of Philadelphia and South Jersey is here to highlight three key areas to organize and focus on before the lazy days of summer arrive. Clean kitchen with pantry storage


With a new season comes a new flavor palette. Tackle your pantry and do a purge. A quick clean and dust will help to prevent dirt and other germs from settling into the food you prepare. Be sure to throw out items that are well past their expiration dates, or donate items that you know you will not use. Once you’re ready to put the contents back into your pantry, make sure they’re properly organized. Organizing your pantry helps you assess what you have, which can prevent duplicate purchases when you go grocery shopping. A proper organization system will save you both time and money!

Let Closet & Storage Concepts help you create custom storage solutions for your pantry. From shelving and bins to cabinets and cupboards, we’ll help you to ensure that your stock is easily accessible and organized in a way that makes sense for your lifestyle!

It’s Grill Time

Summer entertaining is just around the corner. Grills can be a central part of any summer party, and cleaning your grill will get you one step closer to a cleaner home for summer. Consider creating a grilling station so that you have all the tools you need, from tongs and spatulas to counter space for all of your goodies. It will create a place for you to stay organized throughout grilling season.

Garage Clean Out

This is the perfect time to clean out your garage, as many routines change with the warmer weather. For example, it might be time to sort out the bikes for the kids, and time to put away the hockey gear in favor of swim noodles and goggles. Consider creating a pile of items that you can donate or sell during a garage sale. Organizing and de-cluttering your garage is a great way to soothe the chaos in your home, which leaves you more time to enjoy your summer!

A garage sale is the perfect way to help you clean out your garage while offering a monetary benefit. Consider putting your earnings towards a customized storage solution. Custom garage storage will help you and your family find a place for everything, making life a lot easier and less stressful! Who wouldn’t want that?

Call Closet & Storage Concepts of South Jersey and Philadelphia to start creating your custom storage solution today! You’ll be back to the summer sun in no time.

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